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Microtill is the leading provider of EPOS solutions, trusted by over 15,000 businesses around the UK. Find out how Microtill can display sales insights and streamline workflows, so you can deliver results.

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Remote Service can provide

EPoS diagnostics

Help with connection errors

Custom system settings

Firmware updates and backups

Remote Service advantages

You can follow the steps of the technician helping you on-screen

One-on-one support for all your EPoS questions

Get the most out of your EPoS with advice from an expert

Remote Service requirements

You are in front of your device and authorise an engineer to access

Your device is connected to an internet connection

The device can be taken out of service with no effect on business

Windows Laptops & Desktops

Please follow the on screen instructions.
Once you have finished the install process a 9 digit ID number will then be displayed, pass this ID along with your password to the support technician you have been contacting.

Frequently Asked Question


How much does your EPOS cost?

The prices of our EPOS systems vary based on your requirements and we may have a contractual agreement in place that could discount the overall price.

To request a free demonstration and quotation contact us

Can i see you system in person?

We hold online and onsite demonstrations around the country. We can come to you or you’re very welcome to come and visit us at our head office.

Can you provide installation?

We send one of our trained engineers to install our EPOS systems. We don’t offer installtion of 3rd party systems.


How can I send our menus to Microtill?

For the initial install we setup the system using your menus provided. These can be sent in any format to

For any future modifications contact our support team on 01245 476 666

Where can I download the manual?

The Microtill system is unique and varies from customer to customer. If you require any assistance at all our support team is here is guide you.

You can contact support on 01245 476 666 or you can email them directly

I need my password to be reset?

In order for us to keep your account secure, you will need to email with the same email on your account along with your company details.

Admin / Accounts

I would like a copy of an invoice

Please send all account requests to and include the organisation address and billing address.

How can I pay for goods or services?

Contact our admin team on either 01245 476 666 or to setup your account.

I need to cancel my services

Contact our admin team on either 01245 476 666 or to deactivate your account.

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