EPOS Handheld Devices – The Pad

Wireless Table Ordering Device

The Microtill Pad will ensure each customer is served with efficiency and ensure the customer experience is enhanced via a clear, simple to use front of house tablet with seamless connectivity to your EPOS System.

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  • Fast

    Bright smart touch panel with graphic driven screens for easy product identification.

  • Simple

    Intuitive software especially designed with speed and accuracy in mind.

  • Wireless Roaming

    Serve your customers in every corner of the venue using wireless technology. Including external areas with our powerful commercial grade access points.

  • Wet Sales

    Quickly navigate through your fast selling products with ease and introduce promotions to maximise sales.

  • Dry Sales

    Food orders couldn’t be easier. Maximise your profits with auto-prompting and upselling features.


Faster Service Equals Happy Customers

Increase your transaction speed and never leave a customer waiting to order drinks or food. Improving customer service with a few taps on our EPOS Handheld Device.

An EPOS Handheld Device That Pays For Itself

Visit customers directly at their table
Easily Re-order another round
Ensure that customers remain seated
Staff are prompted to upsell
Keep your staff with your customers


Increase customer spend per head through suggested upselling ordering with the Microtill Pad.


Enhance your team productivity and efficiency. The Microtill Pad is the perfect ordering solution to help streamline operations.


Waiting staff are able to spend more time serving your customers. Improving the overall experience.

Subject to terms & conditions. A good wifi connction is essential for your handheld device to work.