“We strive to support our customers with our exceptional service”

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“We strive to support our customers with our exceptional service”

Who are Microtill?

Established in 1991, Microtill has continued to develop and grow over more than 30 years. The key to our ongoing success has been the determination to nurture relationships with our customers, suppliers and our nationally recognised loyal business partners. We keep our technology up to date and continue to provide our customers with the latest epos technology. 

What do we stand for?

Our customer service is second to none. We are there throughout our customer’s journey from setting up their EPOS by our expert engineers in person and teaching the staff.. Creating menus, ordering apps to name just a few and being there for tech support, when it is needed, right through to refreshing the EPOS technology when the current one becomes old.

Our supply chain network stretching across the UK, we continue to provide ongoing innovative and progressive solutions that deliver growth, irrespective of scale.

We at Microtill see EPOS as one of the key management tools in driving a successful business. Our aim at Microtill is to remove the stresses of the daily life of our customers  by demonstrating the power of EPOS and how technology can have a positive impact on their business by identifying areas of growth.




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