With Microtill’s file maintenance subscription, let us do the hard work so that you can concentrate on your customers’ experience.

How Microtill’s file maintenance can help your business

1. Saving time!

With Christmas so close, your business has a lot to prepare for. Plus with future seasonal holidays and menus in the pipeline there’s always a lot going on.

Let Microtill take some pressure off by updating your system.  All you need to do is email us your menu or product changes and we do the rest.

Did you know?
QR code downloads for digital menus have soared by 750% over the last 18 months.
Have you heard about our mobile ordering?

2. Ensure you get best out of your system

You already have a great Microtill Epos system in place, take it one step further and utilise Microtill’s fantastic features services for an optimal flow and smooth running of your business.

Microtill menu hacks!

Show off high margin items at the top of your digital menu to influence purchasing decisions & increase customer spend.
Create a ‘Plan B’ menu to get you through unforeseen peak periods. Prioritise lower prep time items like burgers over steaks.

Getting too hot in the Kitchen? Reduce your menu to let core dishes shine.

3. leave it to the experts

Putting for your confidence in Microtill means placing any changes in the safe hands of our expert engineers who focus their time on anything big or small. They reprogram systems so that you don’t have to. The same way you would not let customers pour their own pint. Leave it to the experts. We guarantee the maximum of a 5 day turn around with virtually unlimited changes.

Did you know?
On average 87% of the hospitality industry agreed that new technology adoption over the last two years has been critical for their business’ survival.

File Maintenance includes

Menu Changes
Product Alterations
 Price Amendments
Special Offers and Promo’s

Minimum 12 month contract in Service Hours (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)
(Fair usage policy & fees applies)

Contact us for an instant quote on how Microtill can help your business.