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Find out how our amazing card machines allow you to take payments 4 ways so you’ll never lose a sale again





  • Up to 75%* of all transactions in some industries are now being made by card and the number is growing.

  • Customers on average spend £48** per transaction if they pay by card, only £9** per transaction with cash.

  • Your customers will no longer be limited by the amount of cash they have on them, this means they will spend more.




  • Increased convenience = increased footfall. Make it easier for your customers to spend and they’ll be back time and time again.

  • Contactless payments have several levels of robust security features which ensure greater peace of mind for your customers.

  • Increase your transaction speed allows you to serve customers quicker, helping you cut down on queues.




  • Get instant access to over seven million potential UK Apple Pay users, bringing even more spending power into your business.

  • Your customers can pay even if they have left their wallet at home.

  • Align your business with Apple. Customers will spend with confidence if you’re seen to be partnered with the biggest name in tech.




  • Take deposits with confidence before the customer even leaves their front door.

  • Allow your customers to book in advance from the comfort of their homes and get ahead of your rivals.

  • Increase your business offering with mail order and take payments from customers who live further away from your store.
*UK Cards Association 2015 card payments summary
**BRC payments survey 2015



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