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Prepare your Restaurant for Valentine's Day

Prepare your Restaurant for Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is almost here and getting your restaurant ready for the busiest day of the year is no easy task. We prepared a small checklist of how to prepare your restaurant for Valentine's Day. Don’t get caught off guard, the better you and your staff are prepared the more likely you are to create a memorable experience for your customers.

1. Make sure your Valentine's Day Menu is set to go live.
 • Make sure you have all the ingredients ready for your specials
 • Train your back house staff on any new dishes
 • Train your front house on the new dishes and how to up sell them
 • All employees are to know about any special offers

2. Creating the best Ambiance on a quick budget
 • Dimming the lights is a great way to bring a classy feel to your place
 • Candles on the tables are always welcome, especially if your lights are Dim
 • A hint of romantic decor around the restaurant
 • Play some smooth but quite music

3. Social Media Marketing
 • Be sure to stay up to date on marketing your offers and menu on social media
 • Respond to customers through platforms or simply reply to emails
 • Stay relevant and try to post every day

4. Restaurant Technology
 • Make sure your EPOS has the most up to date menu and make sure it is ready to go live on Valentine's Day
 • Prepare your systems for any offers or discounts
 • Table service will increase revenue and ensure customers enjoy their experience

5. Reservations
 • Always make sure not to overbook, its always better for a customer to not show up, than to leave unhappy
 • Don’t wait to long for a no show. 10-15 minutes tops

Its a rather minimal list, everything here should come as second nature but it always helps to think it over as Valentines Day is one the busiest days.


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