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Increase performance in the kitchen

Increase performance in the kitchen

Kitchen staff are expected to manage orders and cook simultaneously. Tracking every meal and ensuring it arrives at the table together. Handwritten orders only made things worst for chefs.Lets make cooking less stressful, our EPOS system enables staff to send orders direct to the kitchen from the till.


Order Printers

Kitchen orders enable transparency for chefs, staff and customers. Everyone knows what to expect. We accommodate all your kitchen printing needs from 2ply dot matrix printers to standard thermal printers. Dot matrix printers have advantages in able to print multiple copies, for kitchens with multiple areas. Dot matrix printers are designed with a matrix mechanism that uses pressure to print. The pressure allows second copies to be clearly printed. Thermal printers can be used to print multiple copies as well but on separate tickets.

Paper is also a determining factor in selecting either a dot matrix or thermal model in high heat applications. A typical example is a restaurant. The heavier stock of the paper used with a dot matrix printer is advantageous because it does not wilt under the high heat of a kitchen. In addition, regular paper absorbs the ink faster, reducing smudging or fading. A thermal printer's thin paper stock will wilt and smear under extreme temperatures.

Secondly, a dot matrix printer uses ink to print whereas thermal printers use the etching process. In restaurants, where cooks and other help with greasy hands constantly handle receipts, ink is preferred because it won't smear. 


Order Display System

Our order display system transforms the food orders are processed. Orders are displayed on a screen in the kitchen, eliminating the need for paper and print-outs. When waiting staff take an order, the display receives information directly from our EPOS system or Our Pad (hand-held ordering device). Chefs don't have to rely on the order being brought to the kitchen, so they can get cooking straight away. 

• Orders can be shelved between courses or cleared altogether when the meal is finished.
• Information is clear and legible and there's no room for misunderstanding over what's been ordered.
• Orders can't be misplaced and they can be recalled even after they've been cleared.
• Edit food orders by crossing out completed dishes.

Orders can be moved around the screen, restacked and reordered. Once the starter is complete, orders can be held until it's time to cook the main. The screen can handle unlimited orders and it can be scrolled to allow them all to be read. Personalise the display by changing the text size, colour and position of the orders.


Want to increase the performance in your kitchen?



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