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Snapshot of Business Performance

Snapshot of Business Performance

Microtill Cloud - The Dashboard

Dashboard reports are core to delivering information and analytics about your business performance. Microtill cloud enables both managers and business owners to interact and share live and archive sales data, via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.

Our dashboard quickly identifies trends and patterns with instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into attractive graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns. Extract your financial reports at the click of a button. then export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.


User Permissions

You can set permissions on a per-user basis, including which widgets they will see on the Home page of the cloud when they sign in. Click on "User Settings" located on the top left of the cloud. From here you can add new users or edit permissions for any user. By default, the currently logged-in user is selected. If you wish to edit permissions for another user, select the user from the drop-down box at the top of the page. The page will be refreshed to reflect the current settings for the newly selected user. Once you have made edits to the user permissions, click the 'Save' button at the top of the screen.


Date Filter

Dashboard Date and Time Filter  

Not all businesses are open 9 to 5, match the start and end dates to your business for a true reflection on daily sales. Easy filter dashboard reports by week, month, quarter or any other period.


Personal Customisable Dashboard Experience

Each user has their own dashboard layout that can be customized to ensure the reports that they require are visible first. Home Page Widgets can be moved around the page to suit your preferences using a simple drag-an--drop interface. Simply move your mouse over the Title Bar of the widget until the cursor changes to a cross, click and hold your left mouse button and drag it to a new position on the page. Widgets will automatically 'snap' to the nearest available slot, and other widgets will interactively move to accommodate it as you drag a widget around the screen. When you are happy with the position, let go of the mouse button - your settings are automatically saved.


Easily Find Your Data

Drill down into each report and visually see the transaction data remotely. Where a widget contains graphical data, many have interactive elements; by hovering your mouse over a point in a graph or a section of a pie chart, a pop-up will show the data for that section. Hovering over the key of any graphical data will highlight the related section in the graph. Similarly, any data shown in columns can be sorted by clicking on the header of a given column. Click again to sort in reverse.

Summary of last 100 transactions, showing Time, Sale ID, and Sale Total. Note that the list is scrollable within the widget. As with most columnar data within TouchOffice Web, the sales data can be sorted by clicking on a column header. Click again to sort in reverse.


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With a supply chain network stretching across the UK we continue to provide ongoing innovative and progressive solutions that deliver growth, irrespective of scale.
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